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The history of acupuncture.

Archeological digs have unearthed an early version of the acupuncture needle and related carvings that support the existence of the practice dating back as far as 4000 years. The administering of this Ancient Chinese healing art is reported to have developed through the careful observation of patterns in the natural world with the goal of harnessing the secrets behind the flow and balance of the forces of nature to treat illness.

The evolution of a healing art: observations of the forces of nature.

The location and movement of each precise acupuncture point is determined and derived from the observations and interpretations of both flora and fauna that were subsequently integrated into the medicinal practices of ancient ‘medicine men’ – the acting physicians of an early Asian civilization.

Developed through these and early studies over time, Chinese acupuncture and massage became the practical means for relieving specific ailments and was initially practiced through the gentle insertion of tiny sharpened bone fragments on specific points of the body with remarkable results.

Acupuncture and its introduction to the western world.

Acupuncture eventually made its way to the Western world by 1954 when the Chinese government officially recognized its origin with national pride and sanctioned its validity by making its tenets easily accessible to the Western World.

How acupuncture works.

Acupuncture points are located on the principal positions where vital “chi” energy can be accessed. Although the practice is still debated among Western medical doctors and scientists, The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes acupuncture as an effective treatment for a long list of conditions.

Acupuncture today in Selden, Patchogue and Oakdale.

With profound respect for its origins and history, Massage Heals All provides the many benefits of this ancient healing method from the comfort of our modern clinic for the people of Selden, Patchogue and Oakdale.

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