Massage Heals All Specialties

Massage Heals All Specialties

Thai healing massage

This ancient and effective technique is practiced with clothes on. Loose fitting attire is preferred, so the body can be stretched,tugged, compressed, and healed by the movement of Thai bodywork.

Hawaiian healing massage

This Ancient Polynesian practice is named "Lomi lomi', which means to knead, flow, and soothe. The benefits are reducing stress, balancing the body, and relieve headaches.

Healing hot stone massage

This luxurious and relaxing massage uses deep heat therapy with heat absorbing stones. The hand picked stones come from the sacred beaches of montauk, and are a comfortable temperature for the body, and the practitioner uses strokes and compression to increase blood flow to the muscles, and well as deep relaxation.

Chakra balance healing

This focuses on alignment and balance of the seven major Chakras/energy centers in the body. The mixture of using blended oils, mantras, Reiki healing, and sound therapy will allow deep rooted healing to any emotional imbalance.

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