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Why does my back hurt?

Back pain is a common problem that can range from a dull ache to sharp pain. Regardless of its origin, back pain is actually only a symptom of an underlying medical condition and not the entire diagnosis itself.

Sources of back pain include:

  • Physical motor problems: Spinal irregularities, disc degeneration, spasms, muscle tension, ruptured and herniated discs.
  • Injuries: Sprains, fractures or tears in ligaments; osteoporosis or injuries due to falls, heavy lifting, or more serious accidents.
  • Disease or chronic conditions: Scoliosis, several forms of arthritis, kidney stones, fibromyalgia, problems as a result of pregnancy, pain as a result of tumors

An unnecessary burden.

Recent studies conducted by various journals in the study of pain management have concluded that an estimated 80% of the world’s population suffers from some form of back pain and that acupuncture is an effective method for pain relief without the negative side effects associated with more conventional therapies.

Selden, Patchogue and Oakdale acupuncture clinic relieves back pain.

Massage Heals All administers highly effective acupuncture treatments from our quiet and comfortable clinic. One of the most common and debilitating physical conditions, back pain is needlessly endured by far too many individuals. While there is no definitive way to identify and completely eradicate back pain, our gentle and qualified practitioners have provided significant and ongoing relief for our Selden, Patchogue and Oakdale patients.

Tips for back pain relief.

In addition to regular acupuncture treatments, Massage Heals All recommends that our Selden, Patchogue and Oakdale clients suffering from back pain perform light and regular exercise such as Tai Chi or Yoga to strengthen your back and entire body. A healthy diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D are also beneficial.

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